Do you share LinkedIn's vision of creating economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce?

We're launching the LinkedIn Economic Graph Challenge to encourage researchers, academics, and data-driven thinkers to propose how they would use data from LinkedIn to generate insights that may ultimately lead to new economic opportunities.

What research or analysis would you propose that has the potential to create economic opportunity using Economic Graph data?


The LinkedIn Economic Graph Challenge is open to all U.S. residents (including citizens, permanent residents and visa holders) ages 18 and up. Team entries are allowed, but entries on behalf of a company are not allowed. Teams may have up to five individuals. Only one proposal (either team or individual) per person. Sorry, current LinkedIn employees, contractors, affiliates or interns are not eligible to enter.


Proposals are due by midnight Pacific Time on December 15, 2014. Each entry must be an idea or process designed to create positive economic opportunity and impact for members of the global workforce, so dream big. Proposals will be evaluated on a combination of three factors, all equally weighted:

Novelty: Takes into account the thoughtfulness and originality of the entry, including its unique approach to taking advantage of data from the Economic Graph.

Impact: Considers the potential benefits to the region, country and the world, as well as the extensibility of the proposal.

Feasibility: This criterion will weigh the practicality of the submission, measuring the likelihood it can be researched and implemented within a reasonable time period and the types of data from LinkedIn that will be necessary for the proposed research.

A diverse panel of judges will evaluate and select winning proposals.

Research Award Recipients

LinkedIn will select up to three proposals as winners of the LinkedIn Economic Graph Challenge. Selected winners will be notified in early 2015. Each winning submission will receive:
A one-time $25,000 (USD) research award.

Round-trip travel and accommodations to LinkedIn headquarters in Mountain View, CA to participate in the LinkedIn Economic Challenge Research Reception (early 2015) and Final Presentation (Fall 2015).

The potential to receive research resources to execute proposal including a LinkedIn employee collaborator, access to select data from LinkedIn, and equipment for use during the six month research period.

Research award recipients will have six months to conduct their research, and will return to Mountain View, CA, for a final presentation in Fall 2015. Research award recipients must sign agreements covering intellectual property and non-disclosure of information, and may not publish results without written consent from LinkedIn Corporation.

By entering the LinkedIn Economic Graph Challenge, you are agreeing to the LinkedIn Economic Graph Challenge Rules.

  Download the Challenge Rules  

For additional information, please review the FAQ or email